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Leslie Ann Rocco

Leslie Ann Rocco

Administrative Professional

Leslie Ann Rocco is the Administrative Professional at Mosaic Wealth Consulting. Prior to joining our firm, she worked as the Senior Vice President of a large trust company and as a Custody Manager for a Kansas City bank. To date, Leslie boasts over 25 years of experience in financial services.

Working at Mosaic, Leslie enjoys seeing the positive impact Shannon’s guidance and recommendations have on the firm’s clients. In both her personal and professional life, Leslie uses her knowledge and compassion to help people overcome challenges. Her genuine passion for helping others also extends to animals as she is a long-time volunteer for SaddleBrooke Pet Rescue Network.

Originally from Leechburg - Leslie lives in Indiana, Pennsylvania where she spends her free time placing pets in forever homes, raising money for local charities and walking her own canine companion. As a faithful servant of the Lord Jesus Christ, Leslie regularly donates her time and resources to God’s Tender Mercy, Children’s Home Chain and Gilgal Gospel Mission in India.